┬áMy name is Dave and I’m delighted you are here! I am the founder of The Sales Network, creator of The Behavioural Sales System and through internationally recognised coaching methodologies,focusing on adapting and matching behaviour, energy and communication styles, I help founders of small business identify the biggest opportunities to maximise sales in their existing sales process and break free from painful bottlenecks that cause confusion, overwhelm and lack of results.

Our unique Behavioural Sales methodology helps people like you transition smoothly from friction to flow resulting in you being able to create a business you are proud of. One that provides you the lifestyle you deserve, and contributes powerfully to others.Together, we will create winning strategies required to make a positive difference to scaling your organisation .Whether you are looking to make a big change in your business productivity, uncover your own greatest opportunities for development, or just want to connect with like minded people, we’re here to help you reach your version of business success.I trust that this is the beginning of us getting to know one another. I’m delighted that we are connected and I look forward to how our journeys unfold…




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