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A profile of men who view the world through different eyes, in pursuit of a better life for themselves and their families.

15 men from all walks of life share the key moments they realised there was more to life and what truly mattered.

Born and raised in village near Glasgow, Scotland, Dave was taught at a young age to think differently, maintain a natural curiosity and sense of adventure about everything in life. After obtaining his teaching degree, Dave taught in both Scotland and USA before embarking on journey to Australia in 2007.

What started as a personal development trip soon became one of professional development as Dave spent over 10 years as a Learning & Development Manager and Sales Director for companies in AUS & NZ.

After a successful decade of educating sales professionals how to identify the biggest opportunities to maximise sales in their existing sales process and developing winning cultures within business, Dave became an accredited human behaviour expert.

He assists founders of small business create meaningful change in their business, one that gives them more money, time and freedom to pursue what matters most to them. Today, Dave lives in the paradise of the Gold Coast, Australia with his partner Alison and two young children. He spends his spare time keeping healthy at the gym, walking the dog at the beach and dreaming about ways to create the perfect lifestyle business. One that breaks the traditional mould, delivers deep value to clients and has a positive impact on the community and the world.

I feel validated, confident and empowered

I gained great understanding about the way I do things (or not do things), why I do it a specific way and how I could change that, especially if those old ways were no longer supporting me. I developed clear pathways on moving forward with great insights and understanding and have gained amazing tools I can implement to improve all aspects of my business.

Tania Serfortein

Founder of Tania Serfontein Coaching

My confidence was at an all-time low

I was in a situation where I started plenty of projects but never completed any of them. My personality, experience and who I am is of great value where my professional focus now lies thanks to the clarity I have gained. The greatest experience is the weight that is lifted off my shoulders and business activities that in the past felt like a marathon are now a walk in the park.

Jens Nilsson

Sales Executive, GC Property Expo

3 new clients after 1 week…

Since that 1 call, I have gained 3 new clients who want the new packages I am currently developing, and they are not even ready to sell yet! They are so excited about them and happy to wait. I sold them based only on just a little of what I learnt so far. So, I am super pumped for where this program is headed. I used to really hate marketing…now I can’t get enough of it. David, you are a rockstar!

Libby Hogan

Founder of Rivmedia Design

We are super excited to share these resources with you and trust they will provide you, and your business, massive value.
We are super excited to share these resources with you and trust they will provide you, and your business, massive value.