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Success in sales is often determined by how well sales professionals interact with their clients and prospects. Top sales people are confidently self-aware and able to communicate their sales pitch with little stress or pressure. These successful professionals not only understand their own DISC style but also understand the DISC types of others. Their ability to effectively relate, communicate and influence is crucially important when selling and creating relationships with clients and prospects. They understand how they need to behave and interact in order to be successful.

Characteristics of a Good Salesperson

Any person with any DISC style can have a successful sales career. They first need to gain self-knowledge and understanding. They also need to understand how to read and respond to the priorities of others. We first need to master the skills that help us build rapport and understanding with our clients and prospects to be sure we can interact at a level they are engaged and comfortable with. A DISC Assessment can be exceptionally useful to enhance our skills in this area. 

Use of DISC Assessments combined with a development program will help sales professionals learn to draw on all the DISC styles. Sometimes a salesperson needs to embody an I style to generate excitement about a product. Other times they need to demonstrate to an S style that they are sincere in their willingness to provide support and security. When interacting with a C style they may need to ensure they have all the details and facts to make a convincing argument. When communicating with a D stye they need to be prepared to be direct and to the point, in order to close the sale. 

Learning to recognise the sales of your prospect client or buyer is only half of the sales equations. Successful sales professionals also need to know how to quickly adjust their own behaviour to different situations. If your sales staff cannot adapt to different buyer styles they will not be as successful as they can be. 

There is no Auto-Pilot option in Sales

One mistake sales professionals can make when modifying their behaviour is to make general assumptions too quickly about their client or prospects behaviour. We often stereotype different job roles with different DISC styles. For example, we believe that every Business Leader is a D style or every Accountant is a C-style prospect. While it may be true that a lot of people in these professions will have DISC styles that naturally suit the nature of their job, some will not. Therefore we cannot automatically assume their DISC Style. 

Although it can be easy to fall back into comfortable ways of doing things, we need to remember this will not work with every client or prospect. We need to get out of our comfort zone for some sales projects. This will take awareness, discipline, and practice. However when selling we must avoid auto-piloting our behavioural modifications due to generalisations. 

Roadblocks to Behavioural Modification

One of the most considerable challenges sales professionals face is pressure. Sales people often have a raft of KPI’s and targets they have to reach. Therefore, the pressure to close the sale increases. When we are under pressure we are using a lot of energy which can be very draining. When we feel pressured it becomes harder to modify our behaviour and eventually we revert back to our natural DISC style. 

Whenever we feel under any stress or pressure it is important for us to stop and take a breath and be mindful of how we are behaving in the current situation. We need to remember how we react under pressure and continue to modify our behaviour based on the product we are selling or the client or prospect we are selling to. 

Is Extended DISC necessary for Sales Success?

Success in sales does not depend entirely on a DISC assessment. However this will provide you and your employees with a valuable development resource. The DISC assessment can be used to take proactive steps to help an employee understand their strengths and weaknesses. As well as how they need to adjust their style to effectively interact with others. Ultimately a DISC assessment can help a sales professional to succeed and thrive.

We are super excited to share these resources with you and trust they will provide you, and your business, massive value.
We are super excited to share these resources with you and trust they will provide you, and your business, massive value.