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Sales Confidence

How to convert Consistently & Predictably without being pushy even if your new to business or inexperienced in sales!

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Essential knowledge for any business owner seeking to improve sales performance.


Follow simple & practical strategies on how to break free from awkward limiting beliefs that terrorise you & develop an unwavering certainty worthy of business success.


How to work exclusively with dream clients that are convincing you! Learn how to immediately identify timewasters & discover how to have ideal prospects make the buying decision so you don’t have to “sell”.


Solve meaningful problems & follow the influential framework that gifts you the ability to Impact, Influence & Inspire people to take action on an idea that you believe in & convinced will help them.

If you love the idea of growing a business that makes a difference, one that you’re passionate about, and provides overwhelming value to your clients, then you’re going to love Dave Mac’s C4 System for Sales Growth. He shows founders of small business how to sell confidently, comfortably & predictably in 2021.

After a successful decade of educating sales professionals how to identify the biggest opportunities to maximise sales in their existing sales process and developing winning cultures within business, Dave, now an accredited human behaviour expert, assists frustrated business owners with simple practical systems to develop a strong conviction around sales, effortlessly connecting with ideal prospects and contributing meaningful solutions to clients problems, inspiring them to act.

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This webclass is 100% free right now